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Happiness at Work: The Importance of a Positive Work Environment
In today's world where there is so much talk of emotional pay, we can't forget or put on the back burner the importance of a good, healthy working...
"Grupo Your": A Window of Opportunity for Young Talents
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A disability or difference does not reflect the employee's identity or competence!
Companies must increase their awareness of the benefits of having diverse teams, which therefore generate greater productivity, believing that a...

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Seth - Sociedade de Empreitadas e Trabalhos Hidráulicos S.A. has a long-standing partnership with Your Care, which is an exceptional and very professional team. In addition to the Occupational Health and Safety services provided by the company, we have attended a number of training courses, which have proved to be very fruitful for the performance of Seth's employees and, consequently, for the company's performance. In this regard, we would like to highlight Your Care for its dedication to its customers. It is always available and flexible in understanding and presenting solutions for our case. It carries out its services seriously and rigorously.
Claúdia Rodrigues
Director of Human Resources
We set Your People the challenge, with the aim of increasing employees' knowledge of the 8 valences, but also contributing to greater cohesion and a sense of belonging, as well as improving relationships and teamwork. The aim was also to recognize the work of all the people who work in this area. Congratulations on the design of the day, the name of the event and the selection of activities, which were completely suited to our needs. Many thanks for the availability and friendliness of the Your People team.
Inês Henriques
CRP Training Manager - CIRE
Working with UCP since 1995, Your Care has provided support in terms of occupational medicine and curative medicine, as well as clinical examinations, opinions and advice on various OHS processes. With professionals who are always available and competent and who contribute to the satisfaction of our employees and the smooth running of our institution, Your Care has provided a service that is distinguished by its availability, quality, rigor and professionalism, thus transmitting total confidence!
Ana Ortigão Sampaio
HR Director - Universidade Católica Portuguesa
We gave Your a big challenge to overcome. By analyzing the issue with the utmost care and rigor, they were able to identify the problem and deliver a solution that solved a long-standing issue that was affecting results. A big thank you to the Grupo Your team.
João Paulo Peixoto
General Manager Staples Portugal
With Your Care we guarantee that all food safety rules are respected. Your Care supports us in monitoring processes and fulfilling our mission, challenges and daily responsibilities. Their training ensures that all our employees know how to proceed when it comes to safety and hygiene in the workplace. Your Care also looks after the health of our employees, guiding them to adopt preventive measures against occupational risks and healthy lifestyles.
Pedro Silveira Machado
Operations Manager Portugal
Grupo Your is a very special partner. It is always present in our decision-making processes. The relationship of trust has contributed to the development of our group. It offers services in the areas of management, management control, accounting, taxation and human resources that are part of our daily lives.
António Oliveira
Non Basta
Your Care has demonstrated, over the years of collaboration with the Continental Group, exemplary professionalism, technical competence and the dedication of its entire multidisciplinary team. The services have been reflected in the well-being and safety of our employees, with particular reference to the quality of health surveillance examinations, technical audits, health and safety education and other services. The partnership established between the two companies has proved important in reducing accidents at work and the incidence of occupational illnesses.
Cristina Faustino
Director of Human Resources
With Your, our lives became more organized and we were able to focus on growing the business.
Duarte Costa
Partner DCK / Poke House

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