We train teams that fit your goals.

Based on the goals to be achieved, we define, test and implement the most cost-effective processes for the sustained growth of your startup.

We work with you through the following stages:

1.Identify Goals

Tell us which steps and goals you want to achieve.

2.Define Team

Together we define the right team and processes according to your objecives.

3.Test Project

For two weeks, we test the team and methodologies presented.

4.Present Results

We start the implementation and presentation of project results.

Internet Research

Tailored to your needs, we collect information online to build online databases or directories to feed or gather data about a particular product, service, target, or trend. We gather the information you need to find and qualify potential partners and customers in order to know your target, seasonal trends, or even your competition.

Data Logging and Transcription

We convert “raw” data into structured databases according to your needs. Contained in your computer system or in another digital format we make the registration and massive processing of data and documents such as manuscripts, accounting, names and addresses, among others.

Validation of content

We moderate and validate content available online in several languages ​​and with the help of translation tools in order to ensure the relevance of the information for the organization and the use of appropriate language and the correct classification of publications.

IT Testing

Based on well-documented and detailed test plans, we design processes that allow us to evaluate the main software functions or modules. In addition to user experience testing, our team also tests to see if the system supports a high volume of traffic, a large amount of data or response times.

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