Services provided


We provide the necessary fiscal support to help you keep everything up to date, from technical reviews to asset and wealth management support.

Regular fiscal follow-up under covenants regime.

Preparation of studies, opinions and legal-tax framework of operations and contracts

Support in inspection actions and in the management of tax proceedings (hearings rights, complaints, hierarchical resources)

Tax recovery or tax refund requests

Assessment of fiscal impacts of operations involving other jurisdictions

Analysis of financing operations

Evaluation of the applicability of tax benefits and support in calculation and application procedures

Review or quantification of current and deferred taxes for the purpose of submitting financial statements

Technical review of tax returns

Structuring investment in companies, real estate or other

Training actions

Natural persons

We provide necessary fiscal support to help you keep everything up to date, from technical reviews to asset and wealth management support.

Fiscal framework of remuneration, including remuneration in cash, pension supplement products, among others

Analysis and support in the definition of remuneration packages and their fiscal framework

Technical review of tax returns

Asset and wealth management support

Support in the analysis of options in the set-up and development of the activities of entrepreneurs

Fiscal support to non-residents and under the scheme of non-habitual residents

Restructuring, Acquisitions
and Mergers

We analyse the tax implications and present you the best solutions in every transaction.

Conduct tax due diligence

Establish acquisition alternatives and investment vehicles

Assessment of alternatives and implications regarding the transfer of business and assets

Support in the implementation of restructuring operations

Transfer Price

Ascertainment of optimisation opportunities and compliance support.

Support in the preparation of transfer pricing documentation.

Assessment and diagnosis of transfer pricing policy.

Support in defining the conditions in place in operations (market comparability studies).

Indirect Taxation

Support in the correct framework of all operations and in the identification of opportunities for tax optimization as regards indirect taxes.

Assessment of optimisation opportunities (ex VAT deduction).

Support in bad debt VAT recovery procedures.

Support in indirect tax refund requests

Tax News

Issuing warnings on tax matters and technical aspects to inform about new developments

Issuing warnings on tax matters, for information purposes (administrative guidelines, new legislation, or relevant jurisprudence);

Producing newsletters or articles with technical analysis of specific topics (example: State Budget).

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