Accidents at Work Insurance

The Accidents at Work Insurance - Employed Worker is an Employers' Liability Insurance (required by law), intended to transfer to the Insurer employers’ liability for accidents involving workers at their service and while commuting home - work - home.
Companies must subscribe this Insurance to their employees, whether they are bound by an effective contract or a term, full-time or part-time contract.

Advantages for the Worker:

Clinical assistance and integral rehabilitation without capital limits and of long life nature.

Granting a number of subsidies.

Extension of cross-border protection.

Greater coverage in the calculation of compensation (80% of gross salary).

Advantages for the Company:

The discount should the company have a Prevention officer.

Bonuses in low-risk or low-accident rate activities.

Quick and effective recovery of its workers, thereby ensuring high rates of productivity.

Car Accident Insurance

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The Best Insurance Contracts

In case of accident, this insurance offers the following coverages:


In the event of an accident involving the insured vehicle, indemnities are guaranteed as a result of the risks of Death or Permanent Disability along with and treatment costs of the driver of the vehicle and occupants of the vehicle.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance to cover damages in the vehicle as a result of Shock, Collision and Rollover; Fire; Lightning and Explosion; and theft or robbery.

Broken Glass

This coverage guarantees, up to the amount of the amount established when the insurance was taken, payment for losses resulting from accidental and incidental broken glass of the insured vehicle.

Other Coverages

  • Replacement Car
  • Deprivation of Use
  • Catastrophic Risks and Acts of Vandalism
  • Special Driver Protection
  • Political risks
  • Natural Phenomena
  • Travel assistance

Health Insurance

We know that you care about the well-being of your employees, aiming, above all, at providing them with a quality service in the field of medical care.

We have a health team available ensuring an important package of services ranging from designing healthcare plans to replacing the insurer as regards reimbursement of expenses, with obvious improvements at the level of speed of service.

This Insurance guarantees the reimbursement of medical expenses, which may include medical appointments, treatment, medication, hospitalisations, etc.

Personal Liability Insurance

This insurance guarantees compensation for the damages caused to third parties by a member of the household as a result of acts in their private life and includes also housemaids and, in some cases, pets.

Housing Multirisk Insurance

Your home is subject to a number of risks and you must ensure that you are properly protected against unforeseen circumstances - from fire, flood, theft or robbery to family civil liability.

Fire insurance is also compulsory for buildings under separate ownership regime, pursuant to no. 1 of Article 1429 of the Civil Code

If you are going to buy a home, we have the right insurance to meet your bank’s requirements and if you already have a home, compare your current insurance with ours and see all the advantages we offer.

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