Accounting and Tax Services

General Accounting

Classification of documents, entries and general accounting per cost centre.

Month-end entries (monthly entries and settlements of accruals related to personnel, supplies and services, financial costs, commissions).

Monthly closure of accounts and preparation of the balance sheet and income statement on a date to be agreed with the Management.

Monthly production of bank reconciliations.

Processing and sending of accounting and tax information (by Chartered Accountant)

Preparation and submission of VAT statements and sending payment slips to the customer (Periodic Declaration and VAT Recapitulative Statement).

Submission of monthly IRS / Corporate Tax Withholding Taxes and sending payment slips to the customer.

Completing RFI models (under double taxation agreements).

Issuance of payment guidelines regarding Payments on Account and well as Special Payments on Account.

Requesting non-debt certificates

Monthly submission of Model 30

Year-End Related Work

Annual closure of accounts and creation of Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements by Nature and by Function and of Cash Flows Statements and respective Appendices.

Follow-up of annual audits of accounts where applicable

Preparation and sending of the declaration Model 22 and sending payment guides to the customer.

Preparation and submission of the IES (simplified corporate information statement) and applicable annexes.

Preparation of statements on paid income, withholdings and deductions made (Model 25, Model 39, Model 44, and Model 45).

Preparation and submission of Model 10 statement on income paid, withholdings, deductions, social and health contributions and levies.

Ancillary Obligations and Statistics

COPE report (Bank of Portugal’s Communication of External Transactions and Positions).

Preparation and submission of reports to INE (The Portuguese National Bureau of Statistics).

Electronic mailbox management (via national postal service operator CTT).

Monthly submission of the invoice SAFT T file.

Reporting to CMVM (The Portuguese Securities and Exchange Commission).

Reporting to the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervision Authority (ASSFP).

Treasury and Billing Services

Daily check and record of bank drafts.

Authorisation of payments to meet third-party liabilities.

Control and monitoring of third-party liabilities.

Maintenance provisional cash flow account.

Issuance of invoices to customers.

Management control

The main functions of management control are there, on the one hand, to prevent undesirable situations which may distract the company from the objectives outlined and, on the other hand, to promote actions to enable such objectives to be met as quickly as possible. We offer the following management control services:

Definition, implementation and monitoring of KPIs (Performance Indicators).

Monthly control of approved budget and analysis and interpretation of deviations.

Preparation of the annual Budget.

Identification of ineffective or inoperative internal control procedures and suggestions for improvement in order to simplify the handling and processing of financial information.

Cash flow management, current accounts control and third-party liabilities.

Cost control and optimization of existing fixed costs.

Monthly meeting with the Management for both analysis and presentation of accounts.

Preparation and submission of the monthly Report of company’s accounts on a date to be agreed with the Management.

Payroll Processing
and HR Management

Payroll Processing

Processing salaries, subsidies, allowances and account closures.

Issuance of payroll slips.

Issuance bank transfers listings, particularly PS2 listings.

Preparation of annual employee income statements (category A).

Statements to the Social Security and Tax Authority

Registry and cancellation of workers’ registrations.

Sending Social Security contribution files – Via Internet.

Preparation and submission of IRS guides pertaining to employees (category A) – Via Internet.

Preparation and submission of the monthly income statement (DMR).

Communication of amounts ​​related to employees’ withholding taxes.

Requesting non-debt certificates.

Authority for Working Conditions (ACT)

Preparation of mandatory applications, communications, files, authorizations and registrations.

Administrative management of HR

Maintenance of the employee’s file and control of their employment contracts, particularly control of contract termination dates.

Scheduling medical examinations with the company in charge of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH).

Preparation and submission of wage charts for Accidents at Work insurance.

Support in the definition of salary packages and identification of state incentives for recruitment – Employment Stimulus Measures, Employment Centre (IEFP) Internships and other.

Preparation and submission of recruitment benefit applications subject to additional budgeting.

Control of wage garnishments.

Vacation Map Management.

Account Closure Simulations.

Preparation and submission of the single report.

File Management

Free space allocated for archival.
We store and manage your archive in a safe, secure and accessible location. We control the useful life of the documentation and delete unnecessary archives when duly authorised to do so.

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