We adopted an efficient methodology based on clear and rigorous principles

We optimize the procurement of goods and services in order to establish a solid base of suppliers and to negotiate the best conditions for all our customers through the analysis of key indicators.

Analysis Indicators
  • Quality
  • Simplification of Processes
  • Price
  • Delivery Date
  • Level of Service
  • Technical and Productive Capacity
  • Integrity
  • Financial Responsibility

Procurement Processes

Strategic Sourcing

Identification of Alternative Suppliers

Ad-Hoc Negotiations

Value Analysis

Procurement Logistics


Procurement Outsourcing

Establishment / Integral review of the procurement structure

Definition of Performance Strategy

Definition of Internal Procedures

Internal Team Training

Procurement Consulting

Redefinition of Processes

Diagnosis of Procurement in Companies

Evaluation of procurement data in Companies


Administrative Management of Procurement

Production of specifications

Drafting Contracts

Supplier Database

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